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Finally a simple, fast and affordable system for casting quality talent in commercial, film and photography productions.

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We connect talent to production, simple as that.
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We're looking for people of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes who are photogenic, have some interesting feature or great smile and want to be cast in area productions.

Creating a profile is easy and takes only a few minutes to fill out. Click here to Learn more about the kind of information we ask for when creating your profile and why profiles are important.

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We don't want this process to cost you anything more than a few minutes of your time. All of our resources are yours to use at no cost. You'll never pay us anything. Ever.

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Thoughtfully built for safety.

Privacy & Security

We will never sell information nor barter the information you provide with anyone. And we’ve gone to great lengths to offer our clients a security and privacy oriented platform. Aside from this being the right thing to do, we know we’ll attract and retain a larger, more qualitative and diverse talent database as a result.

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Once your profile is completed and approved, you'll be included in casting opportunities for TV commercials, print campaigns, local & even national film productions in our area.

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Escaping the past.

Production companies, AD Agencies, Film Productions

An Old Problem
Meets a new solution.

Casting by traditional methods has long been too expensive, too inconsistent and far too convoluted, especially in these times of smaller budgets and uncertain industry futures.

Production companies and ad agencies have tried everything from featuring willing crew and staff to the "Friends and Family" social media approach to casting. It's no surprise however, those who respond are not always suited to represent a valued client. Casting the wrong face in a scene, risks destroying that scene.

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If you are a production company or agency, you will find NIKO to be an intuitive workspace with filtering features to easily discover your best talent options. Talent profiles are full of photos and video introductions providing you greater insight. We offer you a big bag of treats to make your life easier. One big point of differentiation you’ll appreciate; all casting is as a buyout.

Look here to learn more about the unique features we offer.

So How Does This Work?

Our mission was to make the casting process more efficient, while protecting the interests of both the talent and the production.

Our Process


Find Your Talent.

Finding talent is as easy as typing in a few keywords. We also give more granular control over your search with filters.


Schedule Your Talent.

You’ll set the production date(s), time(s) and rate(s) and make your offer. Whomever you have selected will have the choice to approve or deny your request. You’ll receive a notification either way.


Approve & Hire.

Once talent agrees to your offer, all that remains is to read, finalize and submit online agreements and you are on your way.


Rate & Pay.

Once your production is complete, you and your talent will rate one another and held funds will be automatically released to the talent.

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